3 Things to Look for in a Framing Contractor

3 Things to Look for in a Framing Contractor

Start your home build off right with a great crew

Hiring a framing contractor is an essential part of building your custom home. Make sure you hire a contractor who is:

  1. Experienced. At Michael J. Wright Construction, we provide excellent training to our crew, and our owners have been in the business for 35 years.
  2. Helpful. The construction process can be confusing for homeowners. We’re committed to giving our clients helpful information so they can make informed decisions about their new homes. We are with you all the way through the entire process.
  3. Respected. What our clients think of our work means a lot to us. We pride ourselves on our reputation.

When you’re looking for a framing contractor for your custom home, look no further than Michael J. Wright Construction.

Get started on your gorgeous custom home

Build your custom home from the ground up with help from the framing contractors at Michael J. Wright Construction. Once you have acquired your plans with an architect, contact our team to break ground on your project. Your new home can't exist without a strong frame. Reach out to Michael J. Wright Construction to get started today.